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Honeyhunters Australia is a family run, sustainable green business. Founded in 2002 by Simon Chatburn, our aim is to provide all natural products from the beehive, and also source boutique honeys from different State Forests and National Parks in Queensland. Special efforts to source bio-active honey for medicinal purposes have been vigorously exercised to contribute to the health and well being of the community. We currently have over 500 hives situated all over Queensland, away from any urban areas and contamination. We are certified by B-QUAL, to ensure our honey is raw, unheated and of the highest quality. With over 20 years experience, customers are sure to find their favourite honey with us.


We love our bees; it is our passion for us. Come share your stories and experiences with us at Northey Street Organic Markets on Sunday!

Please visit the Frequently Asked Questions if you have more questions.

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