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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you get your honey?

Our honey is sourced from all over Queensland, mainly around State Forests & National Parks. We are a business that migrate our bees to different sites, based on the flowering times of the trees. Some of the places include D'Aguilar Range and Inglewood. 

Is your honey/beeswax/honeycomb organic?

Most of our bee sites are certified organic, but there are a few that cannot be, such as Macadamia. We produce honey that is raw, untreated and unheated. We hold a B-Qual certification and Aus-Qual (AQ610199) certification. Look at our label to differentiate between our certified organic honey and our raw honey.

Do you heat your honey?

A common misconception about heating honey is that any sort of heating is considered bad. To put things in perspective, a natural and active beehive temperature ranges from 32°C - 35°C. Any 'heating' of the honey below 35°C will not harm or destroy the nutritional benefits of raw honey. Our honey does not reach temperatures above 35°C.

How do you know which tree the bee is collecting the nectar from?

Different trees will flower at different times across the year. When we place our hives, we monitor the area to see which tree is currently flowering. Although this way does not 100% confirm the source of the nectar, our experienced beekeepers are able to identify which tree it is by the flavour, texture and colour of the honey. Sometimes you do get a mixture of trees, but that only adds to the diverse flavours, aromas and nutritional values of honey.

I am looking to buy some bees/nucs. Are you able to sell any?

Whether we are able to supply bees and nucs will be dependent on the honey season. You should also be registered as a beekeeper for bio-security measures before any sale can be done. Contact us to inquire whether the current date and time is suitable.

Ordering and Shipping Policy

Ordering and Shipping Policy

I am looking to buy some honey. How do I order it from your website?

Our website does not currently support an online shop. To buy some honey from us, please send us a message with your details and your order using the contact form or phone us at (07) 54981040.

How do I get the honey after I have ordered it?

We are regular stallholders at Northey Street Organic Markets every Sunday from 5am - 11pm. The honey may also be picked up in Kilcoy or Nudgee area. If you are looking for delivery, please see our shipping and delivery guidelines below.

I want my honey to be delivered. Is that possible?

Free deliveries are possible with an order of over $100. We charge a delivery fee for all other orders. For orders below 500g, the delivery fee is $10. For orders up to 3kg, the delivery fee is $13. Please mention if you want it to be delivered in the message.

I live in a different state/country. Can the honey be shipped to where I am?

We can ship the honey to you, but extra costs of freight will be added to your order. The cost will be dependent on where you are located, therefore we will notify you of the total price before the order is finalized.

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