Bee houses are a traditional way of beekeeping for Slovenia (the home of beekeeping) and can also be seen in many other European countries. With the hives lining one wall, the house itself essentially becomes a beehive, trapping the many potential positive benefits from the hive without the added pain of bee stings.

Beehive Air Therapy

The air surrounding and inside the beehive is filled with local pollen, propolis and other purifying agents used by the bees. By inhaling the air, it’s able to treat many respiratory illnesses such as asthma and
bronchitis.   The aroma of the bees can also help relieve stress and allergy symptoms.

Sleeping With The Bees

Traditional apitherapy believes that microvibrations caused by the bees can be felt when lying on top of the beehives. It acts like a light-massage, and can be relaxing while also promoting blood circulation and energy within the body.


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