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Apitherapy: Apitherapy is the practice of using beehive products for therapeutic purposes. It can be traced back to 8000 years ago, as depicted in Stone Age paintings. We can provide services such as bee venom therapy and/or how to make your own propolis tinctures. Visit our blog to find more information on Apitherapy, or call/message us on the contact page.

Mentoring: We offer tutoring services for any prospective beekeepers. From how to get started, to building your own Langstroth hive box and frames, we can provide guidance and any tips and tricks that we have learned during our 25 year beekeeping journey. Come find out the do's and dont's of being an apiarist, or share tips if you are a seasoned beekeeper.  Call or message us through the contact page, or come to Northey Street Organic Markets on Sunday 6am-11am to talk to us.

For those new to beekeeping, you must first register for a Beekeeper's License. Click here to find out more.

Pollination: Bees are very important to our ecosystem, as they help pollinate roughly one third of all foods human consume. Without them, humans will have to pollinate crops themselves, which is a very labour intensive and time consuming process. We can help you by stationing bees in your farm during the flowering season. For more information, don't hesitate to contact us.

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