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Slovenia ApiTourism

Although with only a population of 2 million people, Slovenia has 4 beekeepers out of every thousand resident, coming in at around 0.4% ( This number is impressive when you compare it to Australia's measly 0.0005%.( Beekeeping is in Slovenia's history, from painted beehive panels to the home of some of the leading men in beekeeping. It is their tradition, and is well respected all over the nation. Some people even consider the Carniolan Honey Bee to be part of the Slovenian national identity! It is without a doubt that Slovenia is a must visit place for any beekeepers around the world, just to experience their rich history and love for the art of beekeeping. 

Well, we did exactly that. On our Europe trip, we contacted ApiRoutes and booked ourselves a 3-day tour into Slovenian beekeeping, meeting local beekeepers and also visiting beekeeping heritage sites.

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