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May 20th World Bee Day!

On December 20th 2017, the United Nations declared May 20th to be World Bee Day, in an effort to raise awareness in preserving  one of our world's important pollinators; the bee. The bees are responsible for pollinating one third of modern day crops. Unfortunately, the world is currently observing a decline in bee numbers, and bee extinction is a real possibility. Without the bees, foods such as apples, cocoa and broccoli may disappear. World Bee Day is a celebration of our small fuzzy friends, and spreads awareness of the dire situation we are currently in.


This year's celebration will take place in Slovenia, where events such as visiting local beekeepers, planting of nectar-bearing plants and beekeeping conferences are held. 

Honeyhunters Australia will also be celebrating World Bee Day at Northey Street Organic Market's this Sunday. Come by to learn about bees, ask questions, and even earn a small prize by answering bee-related questions.

How YOU can help support the bees:

  • Buy honey from your local beekeeper. Try to avoid big-chain honey unless you are certain of their beekeeping practices and honey origin.

  • Do NOT use any pesticides, fungicides or herbicides in your garden. This can contaminate the plants and may injure/kill the bee.

  • Plant your garden with bee-friendly plants.

  • Do NOT weed the garden. Many weeds, such as dandelion, are actually a great food source for bees. 

To learn more about World Bee Day, visit the official website.

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